HubSpot Consultation and Implementation:

Implementing HubSpot will change the way you sell.  Today customers are more informed than ever and are more likely to come to you when you have the right tools in place.   Our team will show you how to consistently work with your prospects and push them through the sales funnel.  HubSpot has great tools that lighten the load and put more time back in your day and we will help to customize them for your organization.

Business Development Strategy:

Isn’t it awesome when a plan comes together!  You know that you need to be more thoughtful about sales but too often you lose focus because you need to run the business.  We can help you think through ways to bring more prospects through the door and then document how we work with them so that the process is repeatable by your team as you grow.  Often these are short term projects lasting anywhere from 2-6 months with periodic check-ins to make sure that you are still on track.

Coaching or Consulting:

Sometimes we just aren’t sure what we are looking for.  Regardless if you are a sole proprietor or run a large organization, we all get stuck. It’s easy to get caught in the weeds and seeking outside counsel often times allows you to rise up and evaluate things differently.  With over 20 years of experience working with various industries, we have been able to build a large network of resources which we can rely on when helping clients.  Just some of the projects that we’ve worked on are:

  • Analyzed data from several years of notes and input into a database that could initially be used for tracking sales efforts and eventually grow into a marketing tool
  • Identified opportunities where a business should be networking and made introductions to increase visibility
  • Made introductions that fostered long term partnerships
  • Facilitated a workshop to better understand gaps in communication
  • Initiated a team-storm to gather ideas on prioritization of projects
  • Imported and worked with data to develop pipelines and business development strategies
  • Scheduled meetings to showcase new opportunities for business owners
  • Identified events to promote a business and helped them to become highly visible

Lean-In Circles and Group Networking

We moderate groups of individuals who meet on a monthly basis.  Groups are formed to foster connections.  Some groups are women only, some are for service professionals while others are based on a cause.  If you want to check one of them out, just send us a note and we will send you the details, or even help you get one started.