Making a connection is the foundation to building strong relationships.

And relationships are what we like to build.

Through thoughtful consultation we help our clients in a variety of ways.  Regardless of the industry, when we meet with business owners or executives, we define the goals and develop a road map on how to get there.  The first place we always start is by evaluating your CRM (customer relationship management) tool.  If you aren’t using one, we will help you get started.  As a certified partner with HubSpot, we can show you the features and benefits of this powerful tool.

But don’t just take it from me, here are some things our partners and clients had to say:

“Lori owns a company called Connections.  I recently hired her to help me make more connections for my business.  Since I have been working with her, I have met with over 15 new people, some of which have become customers, some who have referred me to others, and all of whom have said, “I’m talking to you because I know if Lori connected us, there’s a reason.”  She’s also helped me implement HubSpot for my monthly communications and networking tracking.  And on top of all that, she’s just a super nice person.”

A Current Client                                 

“Lori gets out there and into it. She has a good read of business and professionals, and can’t help but to connect and advance their objectives– thrives on it in fact”

Kate Cogswell, Graphic Designer

“I have known Lori Rogers for 5 years and her ability to connect people through networking and immediately see how someone she meets may benefit someone else and visa versa is uncanny. Her communication to people when connecting makes people want to meet each other and see how they can help each other. I have been fortunate to have been connected to folks through Lori who have helped my business and become customers or given me valuable advice on my company. I will continue to seek Lori out when I need help and I know she will think of me when the situation is right.”

Eric Bonardi, Sales and Marketing Manager at Foodify